We personally use and endorse the Igolochkoy brand Punchneedle and the Morgan No-Slip Hoops.

Igolochkoy Russian Punchneedle Set
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#NDF101 Igolochkoy Russian Punchneedle Set

This set of three miniature punch needles has a one strand for fine detail a three strand, and a 6 strand that uses thicker fiber. They are a great set to have for all ages and skill levels. Package comes with extra threaders, tubing for loop depth adjustments, and an instructional leaflet showing how to punch using these Igolochkoy punchneedles. The Original Russian Punchneedle comes with a 5 year guarantee against manufactures defects.
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Morgan Lap Stands
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#NDF105 Morgan Lap Stands

7/10 Inch Lap Stand
Two hoop are seperated by legs to make a unique stand for all your needlework projects. They raises your work to reduce neck and shoulder strain and gives you the choice of two hoop sizes at the same time. My favorite of all my hoops.
$60.00 includes shipping. Made in the USA

10/14 Inch Lap Stand
Morgan 10/14 lap stand is a great size for rug punching, quilting and all your stitching needs.
$70.00 includes shipping. Made in the USA.

14 Inch w/Legs No Slip Hoop
Already have the 7/10 stand and want to expand to a larger one? This 14 inch add on is perfect. No need to buy the entire 10/14 stand. This comes with legs to attach to your existing 10 inch hoop from your 7/10 stand.
$42.00 includes shipping. Made in the USA.

14 Inch Hoop
Another favorite hoop is the 14 inch Morgan hoop. Use with the Oxford Rug Punchneedle to keep your monks cloth drum tight while you punch. A great hoop for quilters and stitcher of all types.
$29.00 includes shipping. Made in the USA.

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