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For over 30 years Rainbow Gallery has been on the cutting edge of bringing new and innovative threads to the stitching community. Stitching is much more fun if you have the ideal thread for each area of your project. Your finished work will be even more beautiful! Rainbow Gallery offers you a far wider stitching palette than any other thread company. We are happy to be able to share them with you. Choose from a large selection of fibers for your stitching, punchneedle, cross stitch needlepoint needs and more. 

#rg01 Worth it's Weight in Silver & Gold

This bundle comes in a silver and gold assortment.  Great for embellishing your stitchery projects.  Groupings will vary in thread type and weight.  Shipping is included in the price.  

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$27.00 Sale! $15.00

#rg02 Treasure Braid

Choose from the following packages of this metallic thread collection . They are braided and will not unravel as you stitch. It is very durable and can be used in longer lengths. Picture shown is a representation of the colors in each grouping. Price includes shipping. 

Treasure Braid 16 strand - 34 colors/pack Regularly $140.00, Sale $49.00

Treasure Brand 12 strand - 32 card pack.  Regularly $132.00, Sale $44.00


Treasure Braid 8 strand  - 29 card pack.  Regularly $91.00, Sale $29.00

Treasure Braid Petite  - 38 card pack.  Regularly $118.00, Sale $42.00



Treasure Braid 16 $47.00 (4 in stock)
Treasure Braid 12 $44.00 (4 in stock)
Treasure Braid 8 $32.00 (out of stock)
Treasure Braid Petite $42.00 (out of stock)

#rg03 Chrystal Braid

Crystal Braid has a unique icy pearl look that shimmers. It is a very sturdy #12 yarn and will not unravel or fray easily.  Price includes shipping. 


$80.00 Sale! $32.00
1 in stock

#rg04 Tiara

Tiara is a soft Z French Metallic.  Rayon/Polyester blend makes Tiara very easy to stitch with. Perfect for twisted cords and tassels. Fray Check or clear nail polish ends.  This bundle includes 32 colors.  Shipping is included in the price. 

$84.00 Sale! $31.00
4 in stock

#rg06 Fancy Fur

A fun furry fiber for embellishing your project!  15 colors in each pack.  Shipping is included in the price. 

$64.00 Sale! $24.00
3 in stock

#rg07 Gold Rush

Gold Rush XS is a fine metallic thread. Bundles come in 15 colors.  Shipping is included in the price. 

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
$42.00 Sale! $18.00

#rg08 Gold Rush 12

This bundle is great for Christmas stitching with seven color selections.   Price includes shipping. 

$22.00 Sale! $10.00
5 in stock

#rg09 Gold Rush 14

Another metallic offering in a slightly heavier weight.  26 Colors are in each pack of solid colors (regularly priced 69.00)  24 colors in the variegated packs (regularly priced64.00). Price includes shipping. 

#rg10 Gold Rush 18

We only have a couple of packs of this heavier weight washable metallic.  26 Colors in each bundle.  

$56.00 Sale! $24.00
2 in stock

#rg11 Pebbly Pearl

100% 4 ply strandable cabled cotton thread in two different colorways.  Lights & brights(35 colors, regularly priced at $122.50) and darks (32 colors, regularly priced at $112.00). 


#rg12 Fyre Werks

Fyre Werks is a very high luster 1/16th beautiful shiny metallic ribbon that will add glitter and glitz to your work.  (22 colors regularly priced $70.00)

Soft Sheen: Fyre Werks with less of a shine, more of a glint of metallic, rather than a very bright shine.  (41 colors regularly priced $127.00)

Hologram colors in a 1/16th metallic ribbon. ( 17 colors at $55.00)

#rg14 Hi-Lights

Another fun metallic thread with 32 colors in each pack. Shipping is included in the price. 

$100.00 Sale! $36.00
1 in stock

#rg15 Fuzzy Stuff

Fuzzy Stuff is great for snow and snowmen. Good animal colors and some very wild and funky colors that are great for Halloween designs, wild hair or outlandish garments.  Price includes shipping. 

$85.00 Sale! $31.00
2 in stock

#rg16 Whisper

Whisper is a very fine thread is great for beards and fur which can be brushed to give it a fuller effect.  There are 25 colors in each pack and price includes the shipping cost. 

$66.50 Sale! $25.00
4 in stock

#rg17 Sparkle Ray

Neon Metallic ribbons that glow in the light. Sparkle Rays is 2mm wide and Petite Sparkle Rays is 1.5mm wide. 

Sparkle Rays has 52 colors and is regularly prices at $251.00.  Sale price $75.00.

Sparkle Rays Petite has 38 colors and is regularly priced at $175.00.  Sale Price $55.00. 

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